we've been leading a traveling education team for the last five years and in that time, we've learned a lot about what they don't teach you in beauty school.

we created this movement because we want to help stylists enjoy their work, support their lifestyle, love their art and make money doing it.

we call this blend of technique + savvy

mvmt manifesto

california color


natural & blended sun-kissed looks with plenty of dimension + light

low maintenance + high quality means fewer visits  and always epic locks

hair-health conscious: we hail from the land of granola, so we get that your clients' hair health is one of the highest priorities

make more $$ behind the chair, without giving up your time

fill your books with clients that *value* your time as much as their own

get back your time, with efficient techniques, expert booking practices and placement techniques to customize for every client

for the client

behind the chair

this is

This unique education experience is a hair-lovers weekend aimed at filling in the gaps in your struggles behind the chair.

We specialize in creating sun-kissed California Color and are excited to share our techniques for efficiency including:

the experience

-  creating efficient custom placement

-  our secrets to an epic grow out

-  our best booking practices

-  how we work with + without an assistant

-  pricing your services

-  how to *actually* find clients on social media

-  the products + tools we don't work without

   and so much more.

creating efficient custom placement

our secrets to an epic grow out

our best booking practices

how we work with + without an assistant

pricing your services

how to *actually* find clients on social media

the products + tools we don't work without

and so much more.

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we're stylists first

& educators second

Education is our passion, painting is our art but hair is our business... and we still loving doing it. We are a crew of real stylists that work behind the chair so we know the struggles and questions that you're getting behind the chair on the regular. 

After five years of educating around the country and globe, we found some common questions that stylists are facing in building and sustaining their businesses without burnout. We're here to show you what we do for our business to keep books filled with dream clients and still having plenty of time to play.

I mean, we love hair... but we like, love not working too.


Let's face it, the biggest and most *real* cliché about our jobs is that we double as therapists.

Which means that we not only get to hear some rad, beautiful stuff from our clients - but some *wild* stuff too.

Use the tag #overheardbtc in a post or story and tag us so we can share some of the wild things we hear behind the chair!



We've all got a little something that makes us want to shake people when we hear them... 

well, while it's still not cool to actually *shake* total strangers - we thought we'd offer up our feed for you to share some truths about our industry that you'd like to get out to the world.

Use the tag #sayitlouder in an instagram story and tag us so we can blast your brilliance to over 370k stylists on instagram @hairmvmt

It's hard to come by a genuine recommendation these days, with sponsored posts and influencer obsession - so we wanted to create a way to both search for and share products that you *actually* love.

We want to find underground products that deserve a chance - and make these are available at our workshop hair labs so more people have a chance to test and try them without the investment! Tag us at @hairmvmt on instagram



_ created especially for the artists  _

day ONE

Our live model demonstrations are focused on showing not only shapes and shades, but how to create custom roadmaps for your clients on the fly and our favorite tricks for efficient placement to save you time behind the chair without sacrificing the quality of your clients’ hair.

We’re here to help fill the gaps in your struggles behind the chair and show you how we have created thriving books for our business. The most important resource in your business behind the chair is you, and we’re here to help you reach a new level in your artistry + education.

day two

_ created especially for the creative spirits _

Our second day is devoted to filling your cup - complete with more hair, interactive fun and even deeper chats on how we excel in our businesses. If you want more hair - we have a special guest artist that will be doing a specialized live demonstration or you can visit one of our specialized campsites for some interactive fun.

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All are welcome to get their hands dirty here, but we’ll handle the humans. Because no students will be painting our models, we’re able to keep our class open to newbs and legends alike… 


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